The Geelong Club is one of the most respected private members clubs in Victoria. For over 160 years, there have been many improvements made but founding members would have no difficulty recognising the Queen Ann building that has become a Geelong Heritage Trust building.

The entrance presents members and visitors with an impressive welcome, with multiple rooms for dining, meeting, recreation and a remarkable walled garden—our club is The Gem of the region.

While the time-honoured traditions of The Geelong Club are still maintained and respected, the club has moved into the 21st Century, with new members welcomed from all quarters.

Traditionally, the Club was the realm of pastoralists from the region, wool brokers, city business & professional men.

Today, members are welcomed from a wide range of professions, government institutions and the business community.

However, the Club is not for everyone, membership is by nomination but can be achieved for newcomers to the region via an interview or on the recommendation of the club from which you have come.

The Club does offer its facilities to the general public for hire for events including weddings, functions, conferences and meetings. View these pages from the Menu above.